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One Family,

New Season.

With joy, the leadership of Revive Israel Tikkun Global announces the expansion of our ministry family into

two distinct ministries:

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Passing Revive Israel's Baton

Moving Forward from Here

We know that understanding changes in the structure of ministries you trust, partner with, and invest in is important.

For forty years, our founders have walked together in a covenant relationship. For thirty years we have labored side by side and shoulder to shoulder in Israel and for Yeshua. For all of those years, partners have walked beside us as friends, brothers, comforters, providers, encouragers, and champions. 

Today we ask you to continue walking with us into this new season—into this time of growth and expansion—as part of our global family. Your calling to understand, love, serve, and give to Israel and the Jewish people is why you are here. It is why you are partnering with Yeshua in His plan for Israel, the church, and the last days.  

Let's go into this season of continued discovery together, connected as a family, with trusted leaders, and growing in revelation.

To explore our new ministry websites, click the logos below. We are honored that you're here. 

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  • 1. Who are the leaders of Revive Israel and Tikkun Global?
    The senior leaders of Revive Israel are Youval and Valerie Yanay. Their community team includes Raphael and Liel Almeida, Tal Haroni, Tal Robin, Roni Rejuan in addition to other team members and volunteers. The senior leaders of Tikkun Global in Jerusalem are Asher and Betty Intrater. They are joined by Ariel and Vered Blumenthal, Jeremiah and Rachel Smilovici, Sarah Gerloff, Irene Ginossar, and many others.
  • 2. What is the vision for Revive Israel?
    Revive Israel is a one-new-man LOCAL community comprised of Jews, Arabs, and all followers of Yeshua, working together to bring the Kingdom of God to the heart of Israel through community life, outreach, discipleship, and worship. We seek to: Spread the gospel of Yeshua, teach the Word of God, make disciples and build a local community of believers Be a place of healing and refuge, serve the neediest among us, aid single mothers and children Create a sacred place for worship, uniting Jews and Arabs in the faith of Yeshua, support Messianic congregations in Israel and connect youth from Israel with the nations. Develop and support agriculture in Israel, encourage the creation of local communities of faith, send teams on short mission trips, and cooperate with believers from the nations to bring revival to Israel CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
  • 3. What is the vision for Tikkun Global?
    As indicated by its name, Tikkun Global is a GLOBAL family contending for revival and restoration from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria to the ends of the earth and back again. We are dedicated to the dual restoration of Israel and the Church. We believe this dual restoration will lead to the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth and the restoration of all things. To help achieve this goal, we seek to: Spread the global vision of the Kingdom of God in every nation. Partner with friends from around the world who share this vision. Help build up the Messianic remnant in Israel in all its dimensions. Establish a ministry base and team in Jerusalem to help facilitate this vision. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
  • 4. What is Tikkun International in the US and its role in the ministries of Tikkun Global and Revive Israel?
    Established in 1992, Tikkun International is the 501(c)3 Messianic Jewish umbrella organization in the US dedicated to providing financial services in the US for a network of leaders, congregations, and ministries in Israel, America and throughout the world. Tikkun International is an accredited member of the ECFA, holding to the highest standards of financial accountability.
  • 5. Should I now designate my donations specifically for Revive Israel or Tikkun Global going forward?
    Although we are still ONE FAMILY, this is a NEW SEASON. Finances have been re-structured to allow for each ministry to grow and expand independently. For this reason, we ask that you indicate which specific ministry or ministries you would like to support with your tax-deductible donations going forward.
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