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Revive Israel
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FAQ's - Frequently asked questions

Can RITG answer my questions concerning Torah observance, biblical history, theology, or other spiritual matters?

Many such questions often require lengthy answers that take time to research and prepare. However there are two ways that we can help provide you with our perspective on a number of topics by: Signing up for our weekly update, which is translated in as many as 11 different languages, OR There are a number of articles on a variety of subjects for your perusal and self-education that we have published in our blog.

Can RITG provide me with personal discipleship?

It is our belief that discipleship is more than theological education and counseling. Discipleship is also born of daily, face to face relationship and the sharing of life experiences. Therefore, we only offer discipleship to Hebrew speaking Israeli citizens and permanent residents in Israel.

Can I come to Israel and volunteer for RITG?

While we do not offer a regular program, there are many opportunities to volunteer with us. If you are interested in volunteering at our ministry center and surrounding community, or in translation work, please contact Raphael.

I am a Jew and want to make Aliyah (immigrate) to Israel; can RITG help me?

For guidance recommended by Revive Israel, write the Aliyah Action Council for confidential free assistance at:

Can Gentiles make Aliyah?

According to Israeli law, Aliyah is only available to those of documented Jewish descent and documented converts to Judaism.

What is the relationship between RITG and Moshav (residential community) Yad Hashmona?

Revive Israel and Yad Hashmona are separate legal entities. Revive Israel is a non-profit organization located on the property of Moshav Yad Hashmona. Yad Hashmona is a residential community with a number of businesses as well as its own non-profit organization. Several of our team members are also moshav members that own and live in some of the newly built homes at Yad Hashmona: Asher and Betty, Youval and Valerie, Irene, and Ilana.

Can I republish your digital or physical materials for personal use?

We welcome the sharing of our materials! We do ask however that you abide by the following guidelines: For full articles: Please do not redistribute or resend full articles in any format as a part of your personal, professional, or ministry publication (including email lists) without express permission. We strongly encourage the sharing of our blog posts and videos through established social media outlets. For excerpts and direct quotes: The quotes must be clearly identified as being written by their respective authors by using their full names as they appear in the text The quotes must be used in their entirety and not taken out of context The quote must include a link to the full article at the Revive Israel website The publication must include this statement: “To access more articles by the RITG team, or to find out more about the ministries of Revive Israel Tikkun Global, please visit”

The RITG weekly update is not available in my language and I am interested in becoming a translator.

Please contact our translation coordinator here. Please also note that all translation work is strictly volunteer.

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