Meeting Room

Our Leadership

Senior Oversight

Preserve the vision, values, covenantal relationships, theological guidelines for the wider

Revive Israel | Tikkun Global Family; provide wisdom, counsel, coaching and spiritual covering for all the network leaders; serve as the final board of dispute arbitration for members; and may intervene in a case of unresolved moral violation.  

Eitan Shishkoff

Paul Wilbur

Ron Cantor

I Am With Israel


Executive Team

Lead and direct major areas of ministry, networking or projects; hold operative authority for their spheres of responsibility; meet regularly with Senior Advisors to discuss strategy and plan cooperative activities between network members, and periodically with all the Senior Overseers.

Director of RITG - Discipleship Center

Ariel Blumenthal

Director of RITG - Jerusalem Base &

Zion Foundations

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Jeremiah Smilovici

Director of RITG - Operations & Finances

Guy Cohen

Chairman of Tikkun Israel Fellowship

Ben Juster

President of Tikkun America