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Building in the Eternal City

Why Jerusalem?

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son,

that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.

You might be thinking that John 3:16 is a strange place to start when thinking about, "Why Jerusalem?", but just give me a minute and I'll show you why it makes perfect sense.


When God says that He loves the world—cosmos in Greek—it's clear from the rest of the verse, and many, many others, that His first concern is the people of this world. His desire is for us humans to repent and believe, not perish, but have eternal life. As we remember and celebrate during this season, He sent His Son, a real live human being who, like all of us, started off as a little baby, born of a virgin here in Bethlehem. And so He continues to demonstrate just how much he loves all of us whom He first made in His very own image.


But, alas, John 3:16 says that He loves the cosmos. Yes, God loves us humans, but he loves us as earthlings, as real people, made of and for a real world.


In the Hebrew of Genesis 2, it says that He made adam (Adam, Man) from the adamah (earth, dirt). Adam is an "earth-man," and we are his sons and daughters. Yeshua, the Son of God, is the Son of Man (Adam). God, our Father, loves us as children of this earth—not as disembodied spirits who will spend eternity in a purely spiritual "heaven." That's why there must be a resurrection from the dead—a very bodily and real resurrection. We will be with Him, bodily and gloriously, forever.


Think about it: the God of the whole universe, the creator of heaven and earth, of the seemingly endless galaxies of stars and planets, chose this smallish planet—called earth—to make into the Garden of Eden, and thus a home for His children. And then from the entire earth, He chose the nation and land of Israel; and then from all the tribes, regions and cities of Israel, He chose Jerusalem/Zion to be His unique dwelling place; a place to establish His name and His government over all the world, even over all the universe. (Ps. 132, Jeremiah 3:17)


The Lord loves the gates of Zion…. —Psalm 87:2 


Did you catch that? The God who loves the world in John 3:16, is the same God who loves the gates of Zion-Jerusalem. Same God, same love.


So, "why Jerusalem?”— it's all about His love for you and me and this world. He loves the whole cosmos. He loves this earth. He loves the nations. He loves Israel. He loves Zion-Jerusalem.


Because He loved first, WE love Zion-Jerusalem. Your partnership this year is a gift of love… to the Lord, to the entire RITG family, and to Israelis who do not yet know the Great Love of Yeshua.


In these last days of the year, your generosity will make a significant difference. As all of us come together to bring our offerings, the Lord will provide all that is needed for His work.

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Ariel Blumenthal

Executive Director, RITG Jerusalem Base on behalf of the RITG Leadership Team

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Build eternal treasure in the Eternal City.

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