New Disciples’ Report

Updated: Jan 19

At the end of November 2021, we completed another two-month session of the discipleship program for young Israelis and sent the students forth to continue their journey with the Lord. We felt that the time together was like an introduction to each one’s book of his or her journey in life. Now they will continue to write their unique stories together with God.

This session was attended mainly by new and young believers. The group consisted of five students doing the program for the first time, four of whom came to faith in Yeshua in the past year, plus four students who had done programs with us in the past and were joining a second session to grow stronger and to have the opportunity to take on more responsibility during the program.

A special thanks to each one of you who stood with us in prayer during the program. We have seen the Lord work in an extraordinary way, in no small part due to the prayers of the saints.

Here are some testimonials from students:

God has given me hope.

I received a “toolbox” for dealing with the different things that happen to me in life.

Thanks to the program, God gave me a different perspective on the world. I started to look at things differently.

God took my anxiety and fear of people and set me free to be who I am.

In the program, I was able to release toxic aspects of my life and conquer other parts that the Lord had prepared for me.

We were privileged to see a real and significant change in the lives of the students and staff. God softened our hearts, and we discovered more of His love. Thank you for your continued prayers for the students who just completed this session, that the Lord will complete the work He has begun.

Now is the time to prepare for upcoming activities. This year we are organizing two extended sessions, one for 40 days during the Spring and another one for three and a half months in the Autumn. In addition, we are planning a women’s program that will take place one day a month for 9 months – from March to December. We believe that God wants to continue to help the body of Messiah deepen our connection with Him, to learn to hear His voice and to walk with Him (and with each other) in the light (1 John 1:7).

We are also praying and considering the possibility of putting together an outreach in Europe this summer with those who have gone through the program.


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